Discover all global car manufacturers bellow. The list includes car brands of mass production, built to order, kit cars, electric, super, hyper, micro cars and commercial vehicles of up to 3.5 tons (in some contries commercial vehicles with up to 3.5 tons total weight are classed as cars). Tuning companies that re-build existing cars under their own brand are also included in the list bellow. However, the list does not include tunning companies that undertake light tuning without affecting the donor’s car make and model.

Note: Some build-to-order, kit cars and super/hyper cars are not considered as road legal in some countries (due to not being able to pass the relevant national road safety and ecological standards), thus such vehicles are not able to be legally registered for road use. In some countries, certain types of electric and micro can be driven with a motorbike license and thus are registered with motorbike license plates.